Are you noticing a foul smell coming from your toilet? Do you see puddles of water around your home’s exterior? You are likely facing a sewer line issue. We can check your sewer line to determine the cause of the issue. We are trained to perform sewer line inspections and replacements.

A lateral sewer line is the piping that connects the sewer system underneath a home to the main wastewater sewer line of the city. Although the city is typically responsible for the mainline, homeowners are responsible for maintenance and repair of the lateral line.

Over time, sewer lines can become clogged from debris. At Fast Freddys we use the proper equipment to tackle the clog effectively. We’ll find a way to:

  • Pinpoint the exact location of the clog within the sewer line
  • Reach the clog easily using a drain snake or other preferred method
  • Remove the clog from the sewer line without any further damage

Always pay attention to what your home is telling you. If you notice odd smells in your bathroom, loud gurgling sounds, or puddles around your home, please call an experienced plumber that has been in the community for three decades. We are proud of our reputation and earn it every day doing what we love.

A video inspection from Fast Freddys  is a cost-effective way to make sure your sewer lines are in good working order. Call us today if you’re experiencing problems.

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